1. When does the camp begin and end?

Our first sessions of camp begins at 9:00AM on June 19, 2018 and ends on June 29, 2018 at 12:00PM. Our August session begins on the 6th and ends on the 10th. We suggest campers arrive one day before their session begins. All forms must be postmarked by May 1, 2018.

2. How old must a child be to attend the camp?

All campers attending an overnight camp must be between the ages of 13-17 by May 1, 2018. NO exceptions.

3. What does a typical camper’s day look like?

Campers will begin each day with a healthy breakfast (7-8:30am) and then participate in their scheduled sport, group activity or field trip from 9-11:30am. Campers will have lunch (12-1:30pm) then return to their scheduled activities. At the end of the day, campers will eat dinner (5-7pm) and have time to reflect, create or play games with fellow campers. We have “lights out” by 9:00PM unless otherwise stated by camp officials. Please note that every day will be different and more packed with fun than the day before! Times and dates listed are just to give you an idea of their actual schedule.

4. Are campers required to wear camp gear?

No. Although our camp apparel is given to each camper, he/she is only required to wear Island Vibes shirts on field trip days so they are easily identifiable. All campers should bring their personal sports gear such as kneepads, socks, cleats, sport specific clothing, golf clubs, rackets etc.

5. What else should campers bring?

  1. Hats and sunglasses
  2. Back pack
  3. Water bottle/canteen (will be included in the welcome package)
  4. Spending money: for snacks, pizza and shopping
  5. Sleep wear, alarm clock or watch with alarm
  6. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair care and bath products etc.
  7. Slippers/shower shoes
  8. Reef Walkers, sneakers, socks
  9. Bathing suit, swim trunks
  10. Rain coat, umbrella or poncho
  11. Insect repellent, sunblock

*Expensive toys, musical equipment, jewelry, electronic devices, etc. should be left at home. Island Vibes Summer Camp WILL NOT be responsible for damage, theft, or loss!

6. What if my child gets sick or has an accident?

If your child gets sick or has an accident during the camp, he/she will receive medical attention from our camp nurse or visiting doctor. If it is necessary for your child to receive medical attention off campus, the parent will be responsible for ALL medical expenses and/or prescribed medications. In order to obtain off campus medical services for your child, we will need to have the following information on file:

    1. Signed and notarized Medical Consent Form from parent(s) (see Summer Camp Forms)
    2. Copy of insurance card and at least one (1) parent’s ID
    3. Health History; important health information on special diets, asthma, allergies, hyperactivity, heart condition, epilepsy, blood type, or any important information.
    4. IMPORTANT: Doctors and/or hospitals may refuse treatment of camper without a notarized Medical Consent Form signed by parent(s) or guardian(s). *Unfortunately, campers with severe health issues cannot be accepted.

7. What else is needed to assure my child’s acceptance?

Be sure to complete and return all requested forms at the end of this booklet. All fees must be paid in full on or before May 1, 2017. Early payment will help assure camp admission for your child.

8. What are your disciplinary procedures?

Campers will be expected to follow all camp rules and regulations. They will be provided with an orientation session and a camper handbook. It is important to note that camp policies on discipline may include one or more of the following depending on the offense.

    1. Work Duty: dining hall, garbage detail, etc.
    2. Social probation: cannot attend social activities.
    3. Expulsion: fighting, possessing drugs*, weapons, and/or alcohol, insubordination, breaking rules repeatedly, breaking the law, all may result in immediate expulsion.
    4. Students will also receive counseling in addition to all disciplinary actions

*Summer campers are expected to abide by the camp’s policy in regard to drugs and alcohol use. Campers are, therefore, subject to testing if camp officials have reasonable suspicion of drug and/or alcohol use. If tests prove positive, the camper may be suspended for the remainder of the camp and will have to return home early. The parents/guardians will receive no refund of fees.

9. How will my child get to and from the airport?

Transportation will be provided by Island Vibes Summer Camp. For safety and identification purposes we must have a recent photograph of your child. U.S. Citizens do not need a passport to travel to the USVI, but it is recommended. Otherwise, please be sure your child has an ID and a copy of their birth certificate. Be sure to visit http://www.cbp.gov for updated travel information. We also suggest having a signed letter from the camper’s parent or guardian in the event that any authorities ask during the travel process. Be sure to go over travel procedures with your child to make sure they’re comfortable following airport instruction and can find their way easily enough.

10. Tell me about the instructors and counselors of Island Vibes Summer Camp.

Our competent, qualified and friendly staff are looking forward to welcoming you and your special camper into our Islands Vibes family! All coaches and instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. Members of our staff speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Camp counselors primarily consist of school teachers, coaches, and college students who are responsible for overall chaperoning, care and guidance. All camp staff has had CPR, First-Aid and counselor training. The nurse, doctor, camp director and administrators will also be available to help deliver a safe and enjoyable camp experience! For more information on our coaches, visit our website, www.islandvibessummercamp.org.

11. Are there any additional camp costs to consider?

There is a $25 registration fee and $50 insurance fee due for all campers. A $250 deposit is required to hold your child’s space in their chosen sports program. For tuition being paid after the registration deadline on May 1, 2017, a $100 late registration fee will be added to the regular camp fees. Should you choose, Cancellation Insurance can be added to your registration in the amount of $50. This insurance allows you to get a full refund on what you have paid to the camp minus the registration fee and the $50 paid for cancellation insurance, if you cancel your registration by April 30th. After April 30th, no refunds will be issued for late cancellations. If Cancellation Insurance is not purchased, no refund will be issued if you decide to cancel your registration.

As stated in the TUITION & FEES, all camp activities, field trips and excursions are covered in the tuition, but if your child needs additional spending money for snacks or other shopping, be sure to consider this when planning their trip.

Day campers (campers that do not spend the night) are encouraged to eat breakfast at home and bring a packed lunch. They may bring cash for snacks from the bookstore or for our off-campus excursions.

Campers traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands should consider all trip expenses such as airfare and luggage fees, etc.


12. Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please call or email the Camp Director Vernon Araujo for more information.

Email: islandvibessummercamp@gmail.com

Phone: 340-626-3729